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How bad is it to change the timing belt on a 1999 hyundai accent?

1999 hyundai accent. 1.5 L. I realize its a big job no matter what. Im wondering how bad? Like do you deep to pull the motor? Or perhaps the front clip? Or maybe the passenger side fender. Im sure i can do the belt job. Just dont want to do more work than needed, like I dont want to fight with it all day just to find out I needed to pull the motor in the beginning. Thanks in advanceHow bad is it to change the timing belt on a 1999 hyundai accent?You don't really have to pull the engine out. It is a SOHC engine and it doesn't look that bad. It is a perfect engine to start with as a beginner. I started like everybody from scratch and now I know more than back then. I would advise you to either buy a technical manual for this car or get someone to supervise you (just in case) otherwise, should something come up you might be in for the whole day if not longer. The timing belt is located on the pass side towards the right front wheel. You have a lot of component to remove before you get to it including the engine mount. To remove the mount you have to somehow suspend the engine or support it on a jack (do not put the jack on the oil pan, find a solid point to support the power train). Also, it is important to mark the belt and line - up the top with the bottom of the engine. You have to find the timing marks on the crankshaft and camshaft pulleys. Lining-up the engine has to start from TDC point.

Overhaul, not an easy job but at the same token its something that could be accomplished (with a little supervision).

Good luck and have fun.How bad is it to change the timing belt on a 1999 hyundai accent?Replacing the belt is no more difficult then on most cars. Now, getting at the thing, that's the fun part. All the belts and brackets have to come off the front of the engine and the balancer has to be removed. Then you have to support the front of the engine (passenger side) and remove the motor mount. Get a Haynes manual. It will give you some idea of what your up against. I would also recommend you replace the water pump and the idler pulleys while your in there. Once you start to dig in you will understand why I say that. You don't want to have to do that job in between belt replacements.

Good LuckHow bad is it to change the timing belt on a 1999 hyundai accent?timing belt is no easy matter, its a 3 hour job atleast for a well tuned mechanic. get a mechanic to do it for you. one **** up and your done. i know i did this to my eclipse.

How do i change the timming belt on a 91 fored ranger?

Found out the timing belt broke so we pulled the cover off and had a hard time getting the rest of the belt out.Do you have to pull any pulleys off or anything of that sort?How do i change the timming belt on a 91 fored ranger?When a timing belt breaks it normally takes out a valve or 2 from hitting the piston when it broke.And this is more involved than anyone could tell you on here. Some one that knows what they are doing is going to have to do it.How do i change the timming belt on a 91 fored ranger?You shouldn't.

You can't even spell simple English words correctly. Let alone the timing belt of your car.How do i change the timming belt on a 91 fored ranger?I am assuming that your Ranger has the 2.3 4 cyl. engine in it, correct?

You will need to remove the crankshaft pulley in order to remove the belt cover.

Best thing to do is to buy a repair manual for this truck, and to follow the timing belt replacement procedure EXACTLY as the book describes.

I believe that the 2.3 is a non-interference design engine, meaning you may of not bent any intake/exhaust valves, Good Luck
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  • How to change a belt tensioner on a 96 corsica?

    do i need a shallow socket sets also? and how many bolts are there?easiest way to get at it?How to change a belt tensioner on a 96 corsica?just do it. if you don't have a tool, go to sears and buy what you need.

    How do I change the alternator belt in an 87 Suburban?

    The old one snapped while driving. Will I need a belt tensioner? It shouldn't be too hard, but I can't figure out what I need to loosen to get the new one on. Will I need to remove the fan belt to get the alternator belt on? Any advice would be really helpful.How do I change the alternator belt in an 87 Suburban?I get a kick out of these kids who think that every vehicle ever made has one single Serpentine belt. They probably couldn't adjust a set of points if they were stranded in the Yukon and their life depended on it.

    You will need to remove any belts that are mounted in front of the Alternator belt. As far as the Alternator, those are easy. There are 2 bolts holding it in, one short one, and one long one, The long one is the one the Alternator pivots on. The short one keeps it from pivoting by locking it in place, although both should be tightened when you are done. Just loosen both, and push the Alternator towards the engine.

    You probably have at least a Power Steering belt in front, and usually if you have Air Conditioning, that will be in the back on yours, if I remember correctly. Either of those are usually a little more complicated, as they have more than 2 bolts you have to loosen. The Power Steering has one on the back (a nut actually) that a lot of people don't notice.

    Here are some pictures that might help;



    Notice that the Power Steering has 3 bolts right in front of the pump, but those hold the pump to the bracket, so leave those alone. You want to loosen the 2 nuts/bolts towards the engine side, that hold the bracket to the engine, and the one in back, and move the pump and front bracket at the same time. The back bracket doesn't move like the front one does.

    To get the belt off all the way, you will have to get it over the fan, which is easiest if you start on one side of the fan, and work your way towards the other side of the fan, one blade at a time. Put the new belts back over the fan the same way, except in reverse.

    Once you get all the belts in place and on the pulleys, you need to move the device back away from the engine to tighten the belt. Be careful with the Power Steering especially, when using a pry bar, as the outside is the fluid reservoir. That bends easily, and can cause a leak if you do bend it.

    Once you get the belt tight enough, tighten one of the lockdown bolts, which are mounted over a slot. Then tighten the rest, including the pivot bolts. Start the engine up, making sure that no one else is standing by the front of the car, and make sure they're still on and tight after you shut the engine off.How do I change the alternator belt in an 87 Suburban?You don't need to loosen anything. There should be a drawing of the belt route on the fan shrout. It should have picture of where the belt go. All you need is 3/4%26quot; socket and a long breaker bar.

    1. You route all the belt to all the parts it is suppose to, power steering, a/c, alternator, main pulley, smog pump and of course the tensioner is last.

    2. You stick the socket on the tensioner bolt and pull onto it while placing the belt over the tensioner.

    Once the belt is on the tensioner, you are done! Making sure the belt go onto the other part properly. You can then start the engine.How do I change the alternator belt in an 87 Suburban?you only need a new belt tensioner if the old one has no tension on it or it vibrates too much when the engine is running, you will need either a 3/8 or 1/2 breaker bar, the tensioner arm will have a square hole to place the bar socket into, use the bar as a lever to slide the new belt in.

    Does anyone know how to change the belt on a dirt devil dynamite plus vaccume?

    I tossed the user manual.Does anyone know how to change the belt on a dirt devil dynamite plus vaccume?You can get a user manual from Dirt Devil from the Internet. Just do a search on Dirt Devil and follow instructions and guides.

    How difficult is it to change the belt on a gas dryer?

    I'm guessing that's why the drum won't spin.How difficult is it to change the belt on a gas dryer?Figuring out how to get to the belt is usually more difficult than fixing the belt. I've done it a couple of times on our old Kenmore gas dryer.How difficult is it to change the belt on a gas dryer?Some are easier than others. You have to take the front of the dryer off to get the new belt around the drum.. The fun part is weaving the belt around the pullys properly. One pullly is spring loaded to tension the belt and if the spring comes loose the belt will slip.It is kind of a wrestling match. Good luckHow difficult is it to change the belt on a gas dryer?Check your breakers first off, as it takes electricity to run thr dryer motor.

    I have done it before, and it is not too hard. You usually have to start by poping the back off your machine (after you un-plug it). Without knowing the make and model, advice would be difficult.

    Click on the search page below, and you should be able to find the correct advice to suit your needs.

    Ask.com is a great source of good info.

    Have fun.

    How hard is it to change a belt on an ATV if you aren't mechanically experienced? (Polaris Sportsman 500)?

    Remove the clutch cover. On the secondary clutch (larger one of the two) push the inner sheave inwards. You may need to twist it as you push in as the inner slide buttons work on three helix ramps. You will see that the drive belt can easily pulled out of the secondary clutch. This mechanism works exactly as a Polaris Snowmobile clutching set-up.

    Proud to say they are the best clutches in the business made in Elmira NY by the Hilliard Corp. for Polaris.How hard is it to change a belt on an ATV if you aren't mechanically experienced? (Polaris Sportsman 500)?If you can read and follow directions.

    Go to the dealer or look on ebay for a repair manual for your quad. Then if anything else goes on it, you will be able to fix it.How hard is it to change a belt on an ATV if you aren't mechanically experienced? (Polaris Sportsman 500)?actually its really hard if u dont have exp. take it 2 the shop or a shop and they'll do it 4 u if u already have the belt.
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