Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?

I am considering buying a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. I just have a quick question regarding maintanence on the car. Is it a big deal if the timing belt was replaced on the car (is it as monumental as having replaced something such as a transmission)?How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?First of all, yes, the engine in this car is an interference fit engine, so in that sense, it's pretty important. On the other hand, timing belt replacement is considered normal maintenance, whereas a transmission replacement is not. Although it's very important, it's not nearly as expensive either, usually a few hundred $. The good news is the water pump is not driven by the timing belt on this engine. When it is, it's often replaced not because it has to come out anyway (can't think of any that do actually), or because it's convenient to do it then (which it is), but because the water pump going out can break the timing belt. The recommended replacement interval for timing belts for this engine is every 60K.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?It is not too hard to change a timing belt.

It has to have cogs in order to keep the camshaft in perfect relationship to the crankshaft that drives it. So when it is changed, it is not just a question of loosening tension and slipping the old one and new one on. The timing marks on the crank have to first be lines up, then the cover taken off the camshaft it checked for alignment as well. Then there are the pieces of the cover to keep oil off the belt.

It takes usually about an hour, depending on the car. And the belts is usually around $30.

So we are talking less than $200 normally.

But if you wait, and throw the belt, it can be worse.

On about a third of the cars out there, you risk serious valve damage.

That could run more like $1200.

So change the belt about every 5 years. The number of miles hardly matters, since it is more the age deterioration of the belt from oil, etc.

In contrast, a transmission is much heavier so is harder to exchange, and the inside of the transmission is much more complex. Transmission rebuilds run more like $3000 with install. Although you can get a salvage one installed for more like $900.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?timing belt is VERY important lol.

you first need to figure out if you have an interferance engine or non-interferance engine.

interferance engine will bend valves when the belt breaks, non-interferance engine will just stop running.

either way, the timing belt is going to cost you as you have to take apart the front dress on the engine to get to it. most replace the water pump while in there as well for good measure.

if you have an interferance engine and let the belt go long enough that it breaks you will have even more $$$ coming out of your pockets to have new valves put in the cydliner head.

I personally replace timing belts at 40-50k regardless of what people suggest. too much of a pain if it snaps as far as I'm concerned.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?a belt usually costs in the 250 to 400 dollar range...they usuall try and sell you a new waterpump as it sometime has to come out during belt replacement...

I assume your keeping the car or you would not be thinking belt...if it has 80K to 100 K bite the bullet and pay the 600 for belt/waterpump combo...then drive for 100K without worry

trannys cost 1200 to 1600 [havent used the word monumental in a]How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?why buy a car that is not running what if the timing belt is not the only problem no way you can tell till you soak the money into it for the belt then try to start the car, not sure if i would buy it, please try to find something else.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?A timing belt is a routine time change item. It varies from one manufacturer to another as to the recommended number of miles for the belt to be changed.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?it can be very major if it breaks. well i would say it,s as important as the transmission because you need them both if your going to drive. if the belt breaks it can bend the valves and if the transmission goes then you don,t go.How Major Is A Timing Belt Change?Any mechanic worth his salt would change most timing belts in an hour's time.If you find a decent mechanic working on his own you would have change from 100 and that includes the cost of belt